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The Legacy Center Foundation is committed to organizing, funding and accelerating a coalition of fellow non-profit and community advocacy groups, grassroots organizations and policymakers that are working towards making a positive impact on society through the repair and uplifting of Black lives.

We believe that by uniting and coalescing our efforts -- collectively we can achieve more, do more, and keep more in the communities we serve. Through the coalition, we serve those that are serving the community by providing them with:


Financial Resources

We collaborate with our coalition members to raise funds via traditional fundraising, grants and providing financial aid for programming and other necessary resources.

Business Services

Coalition members receive professional business services to jumpstart or accelerate their initiatives. This includes marketing support and inclusion in distribution channels, legal counsel and other essential business functions.

Preferred Workspace & Venue Access

Coalition members receive access to utilize our Class-A Commercial building as their headquarters, for general business hour use, important meetings with stakeholders, conferences, training events and more!

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